Gojko Adzic is a strategic software delivery consultant who works with ambitious teams to align software delivery with business goals, and improve the quality of their software products and processes. Gojko specialises in are agile and lean quality improvement, in particular impact mapping, agile testing, specification by example and behaviour driven development.

Gojko’s book Specification by Example won the Jolt Award for the best book of 2012. Gojko won the 2016 European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award. In 2011, he was voted by peers as the most influential agile testing professional, and his blog won the UK Agile Award for the best online publication in 2010.

Gojko is a frequent keynote speaker at leading software development conferences, and one of the authors of MindMup and Claudia.js.

Lanette hails from Seattle and combines a deep love of testing, glitter, kitties and terrible puns. Her test databases definitely have the highest incidence of cat pictures! Outside of work, she enjoys reading fantasy series, knitting and world travel. Her testing career began with a short contract that turned into 10 years of testing at Adobe, mostly working on InDesign and the Creative Suites, several years as an Independent Consultant, and currently works for The Omni Group as a Software Test Pilot.

Dr Pamela Gay is an astronomer, writer, and podcaster who leverages software to explore our universe. She runs the CosmoQuest facility, which invites the public to be part of her data reduction routine. She also works to educate anyone who will listen about space science. You can find her podcasting with AstronomyCast, and steaming/tweeting/posting on most new and social media channels as StarStryder. She is a vi-using, LAMP-stack kind of human, and asks that you don’t judge (too much at least - she knows you’re judging).

Zeger Van Hese (born and raised in Belgium) has a background in Commercial Engineering and Cultural Science. He started his professional career in the movie distribution industry but switched to IT in 1999. A year later he got bitten by the software testing bug (pun intended) and has never been cured since. Over the years, he developed a passion for exploratory testing, testing in agile projects and, above all, continuous learning from different perspectives. He was the 2012 Eurostar program chair and founded his own company, Z-sharp, dedicated to helping clients on the path to smarter testing. He is co-founder of the Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT), muses about testing on his TestSideStory blog and is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide. He makes sketchnotes for fun. Contact Zeger at

Other Speakers

Abby is currently working at ThoughtWorks where over the last 6 years she has had the opportunity to work in a variety of domains, countries, and team dynamics. Throughout these experience it has become clear to her that while the technical requirements of each domain and tech stack can be challenging, team practices and team ownership have a much deeper impact on the end deliverable.

After 5 years of working on mainly web and desktop apps Abby has shifted into a more infrastructure and operations focus. Her goal is to help incorporate the same team practices that have success in software delivery to the infrastructure and tooling which supports that software in production. You can connect further on twitter (@a_bangser) or through her blog (

Lisa Crispin is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (2014), Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (2009), the LiveLessons Agile Testing Essentials video course, and “The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing” 3-day training course. She co-authored Extreme Testing (2002) with Tip House. She is a contributor to Experiences of Test Automation by Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster (Addison-Wesley, 2011), Beautiful Testing (O’Reilly, 2009) and other books. Lisa was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person at Agile Testing Days in 2012. She enjoys helping people find ways to build more quality into their software products, as well as hands-on testing. Please visit and for more.

Alexandra Schladebeck

"Exploratory Testing in Action"

Alex fell into IT and testing in 2005 and has never looked back. She is now Head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH and spends her time working with test consultants, developers and customers to help them towards great quality.

You’ll usually find Alex talking about quality and how it affects the whole development process. She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences where she likes to share her project experiences and learn from other practitioners.

Amber Race is a Senior SDET at Big Fish Games. After majoring in Asian Studies, teaching in Japan, and traveling the world, she stumbled into software testing and has been loving it ever since. Amber has over 15 years of testing experience at Big Fish and Microsoft, doing everything from manual application testing to tools development to writing automation frameworks for web services. She has worked on a wide variety of products and written automation in C#, C++, Python, and Java. Amber currently specializes in test automation and performance testing for high volume back-end services supporting iOS and Android games.

Amit is a software tester at RSA, and has been there for the past five years. As part of his job, he enjoys coding, dealing with application security and finding new ways to work with the team. He also helps as a co-editor for a quarterly testing magazine (in Hebrew) and gets a first peek at many great ideas. When not doing anything testing related or riding his bicycle, he enjoys playing some board games with friends and is a member is the Israeli roleplaying society.

New born optimist enjoying all the little things in life. Currently working as Agile and test lead at Visma, doing pretty much whatever is the most important thing to be done in the given moment. Always up for discussions on software development, and always up for some testing.

Antti has worked last 15 years in various roles in software development and testing. He is COO and co-founder of Comiq where he has lately been helping customers create delivery pipelines and test automation solutions most of the time leveraging IaC, Docker and cloud technologies. He is always on the lookout for the lightest excuse to program in Clojure or lately Elixir.

Alina has been working over the last 10 years as a tester. She started on the usual path, during her years as a student, as a manual tester. She eventually started doing automated testing because she did not like repetitive tasks. In the last years she started working also on developer-related and dev-ops tasks. As a hobby she is interested in developing web and mobile applications written in React and React native. She is one of the founders of the Timisoara local gathering “Tabara de Testare” (Test Camp) in Romania and one of the European Testing Conference organizers.

Camil is a young and enthusiast developer who is currently interested in functional programming, web and native mobile apps written in JavaScript and serverless architectures. During the last two years, he worked in very diverse teams, doing a wide array of tasks from developing desktop applications in C# or writing web tools in React to setting up and maintaining continuous delivery environments with Docker and

Dan builds test automation tools and provides training through his company, Quasimatic. A telecommuter for over a decade, he is always working on solving the challenges of communicating with a remote team. Dan also contributes to open source projects, including Approval Tests and Glance.

Dan enjoys competing in “Capture the Flag” security competitions but you can also find him amidst crowds of line dancers or exploring a new hobby.

Desmond started his career 9 years ago at a big consultancy company. In 2012 he had the chance to test the mobile app of the biggest retailer of the Netherlands. Desmond enjoyed this so much that he decided to start working for IceMobile, who is specialised in mobile apps for food retailers, with over 1.5 million active users worldwide and became an expert in testing mobile apps and their backend systems.

Emily Bache works as a consultant with Praqma. She specializes in Automated Testing, particularly in a DevOps environment. Emily enjoys improving the design of legacy code, and helping developers to learn Test-Driven Development. Emily lives in Göteborg, Sweden, but is originally from the UK. She has written a book, “The Coding Dojo Handbook”.

Coach, trainer and BDD addict, creator of SpecFlow

Gáspár Nagy is the creator and main contributor of SpecFlow, regular conference speaker, blogger (, editor of the BDD Addict monthly newsletter (, and co-author of the book “BDD Books: Discovery - Explore behaviour using Examples” ( Gáspár is an independent coach, trainer and test automation expert focusing on helping teams implementing BDD and SpecFlow. He has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development as he worked as an architect and agile developer coach.

Linda is a technologist, who cares about delivering quality software that gets used by people across the world.

She has had the opportunity to wear many hats which helped in acquiring capabilities of different roles along the way. She realised that her strength lies in recognising which skills are missing from a development team, and stepping in to close the gap. She values collaboration; she is always asking “why”; and she always seeks a holistic understanding of the whole process required to get the product out there and into active use.

In her spare time, she enjoys going for walks, reading, and playing board games.

Having graduated in sinology, Lisi fell into agile and testing in 2009 and has been infected with the agile bug ever since. She’s especially passionate about the whole-team approach to testing and quality as well as the agile culture mindset behind it. Building great products which deliver value together with great people is what motivates her and keeps her going. She received a lot from the agile testing community; now she’s sharing her stories to give something of her experience back to the community. She tweets as @lisihocke and blogs at In her free time you can either find her in the gym running after a volleyball, having a good time with her friends or delving into games and stories of any kind.

Llewellyn Falco is an independent agile coach. He discovered strong-style pair programming. He is creator of the open source testing tool ApprovalTests. He spends most of his time programming in Java and C# specializing in improving legacy code.He is the co-founder of & co-author of Mob Programming Guidebook

Toyer Mamoojee is a ‘die-hard’ passionate Agile Automation Test Analyst with almost 15 years testing experience across many industries. From Waterfall to Agile approaches, Commercial to Open Source Automation tools and Manual to Automation Testing he has been through the wars of Software Delivery. He is the co-founder of Cape Town Automation User group and co-organizer of Cape Town Testing Meetup back in his home country of South Africa. In his spare time he loves exploring the great outdoors, taking on the world playing online video games, major football fan, adopting the title of technological husband and playing super dad to 2 toddlers!

Lynoure Braakman has worked in many kind of roles in the IT industry, from ops and scrum mastering to programming, even with a bit of testing between. She loves acting as an adapter bit, bringing in a wider perspective to any project she is in. Lynoure is based in Bremen, Germany and currently working as a one person internal team for Neuland Bremen. Her first time using TDD was in 2000, and since that she has been in many different projects with TDD and, sadly, sometimes without.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is feedback fairy with a day job at F-Secure, where they call her a Lead Quality Engineer. She identifies as empirical technologist, tester and programmer, catalyst for improvement, author and speaker, and community facilitator and conference organizer. Her day job is working with a software product development team as a hands-on testing specialist with focus on exploratory testing. She was awarded as Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016. She blogs regularly at and is author of two LeanPub books.

Marianne Duijst

"Sketch Artist"

Marianne is employed as a Test Specialist at Sogeti and held previous roles as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Developer and High School Teacher. She enjoys speaking about critical thinking, work culture and being a Girl Scout. She sketchnotes live at conferences to share and learn. Her love for IT and the Testing profession comes from a love for puzzles, logic, and structure mixed together with her creative, writing and crocheting mind. She loves to explore, meet people from different countries and cultures, read voraciously and dream outrageously.

Matthew is a developer who likes to ask ‘How do we test this?’ He spends much of his time finding ways to fit tests around existing code, and finding ways to let the tests to drive the evolution of the software.

As a consultant at Codurance in London, Matthew helps teams improve their software design skills and find better ways to work together. When he’s not working, he enjoys cooking, cycling and making music.

Mirjana is co-founder of the first testing community in Serbia, called Test’RS Club ( After gaining diverse experience in testing she concluded that she needs to give it back to the community, so she started one as a platform for sharing knowledge. During the day she is a Test Architect and Department Manager at Levi Nine. But above all, she is passionate and highly motivated software tester who loves getting her hands dirty with actual testing and leads by example, promoting appropriate testing skills and techniques for 9 years, and counting.

Pooja is an automation nerd and open source enthusiast. She loves brainstorming and implementing crazy ideas to figure out ways to improve the product quality. Having a blend of dev, qa & devops mindset, she strives to bridge the gaps between all the teams to attain the best results.

Driven by curiosity to learn & share new things everyday. Few glimpses can be found here:

A C64 and Amiga veteran, Ron heard the distant calling of the Internet and got into programming websites in early 2000. Ever since graduating as a Master of Computer Science he’s worked in various technical IT positions. When he started testing, it clicked, and Ron fully concentrated on software quality in 2008. He then successfully built up browser and app automation frameworks and established test teams in Germany and the UK when working for conject AG, a leading international construction software company. He now works in consulting as Mobile Testing Lead for QualityMinds in Munich. Next to building up a team of mobile testers he has been engaged in various exciting projects. As life’s luckily not all about work, he enjoys mountain biking and rock climbing as well as spending time with his wife and three sons.

Consultant, coach, designer, analyst and developer for over 30 years

Seb has been involved in the full development lifecycle with experience that ranges from Architecture to Support, from BASIC to Ruby. He’s a partner in Cucumber Limited, who help teams adopt and refine their agile practices, with a particular focus on collaboration and automated testing.

Regular speaker at conferences and occasional contributor to software journals. Contributing author to “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” (O’Reilly) and lead author of “The Cucumber for Java Book” (Pragmatic Programmers).

He blogs at and tweets as @sebrose.

Vernon is a software tester with over a decade of experience. He has tested across lifecycle models (Scrum / Kanban / V-Model / Waterfall) and industries as well as technologies, with both co-located and distributed teams. He has a rich set of first-hand knowledge to draw from. In addition to his contributions in projects, we know him well as one face of TestBash, where he has been doing the role of the ceremony master. Vern is awesome, come see yourself.