Angie Jones is a Senior Developer Advocate who specializes in test automation strategies and techniques. She shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences all over the world, as well as writing tutorials and blogs on

As a Master Inventor, Angie is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in more than 25 patented inventions in the US and China. In her spare time, Angie volunteers with Black Girls Code to teach coding workshops to young girls in an effort to attract more women and minorities to tech.

A progressive type, Ash focuses her efforts within technology on bringing awareness to inclusion of women and people of color, especially in the Context Driven Testing and Agile communities. Though technology and inclusion have her heart today, engineering was not her first love. A former chef, Ash crafted her software approach through the learnings of hospitality. After 16 years, she put recipes aside when she began her career in software development, falling back on her skills in engineering she acquired as a kid building computers with her brother. An avid fan of matching business needs with technological solutions, you can find her doing her best work on whichever coast is the sunniest. Having helped teams build out testing practices, formulate Agile processes and redefine culture, she now works as an Engineering Manager for Credit Karma and continues consulting based out of San Francisco.

Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg is a software developer, agile consultant and trainer who assists companies in transitioning to more nimble, customer-centric and human(e) ways of working. She holds a PhD in the Psychology of Collaborative Software Development and since parenting an autistic son has developed an interest in neurodiversity. Through re-assessing her own traits and neurology, and considering the extra-ordinary people with whom she has worked over her 25+ years in tech, Sal is raising awareness of the benefits of having diversity in our organisations, and is helping the industry to begin to understand how to support and nurture every kind of brain.

Sarah Wells has been a developer for 15 years, leading delivery teams across consultancy, financial services and media. Over the last few years she has developed a deep interest in operability, observability and devops, and this has recently led to her taking a new role as Technical Director for Operations & Reliability at the Financial Times.

Before that, she lead work at the FT on building a semantic publishing platform, making it easy to discover and access all the FT’s published content via APIs in a common and flexible format. That project meant a focus on Go, microservices, containerisation, kubernetes, and how to influence teams to do the right things.

Other Speakers

Alex is an outgoing and passionate team leader, consultant, software tester and product owner. Communicating with people is her main focus – something she is fortunate to do frequently in her role as Head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH.

Alex comes from a background in language and linguistics, and has been working in IT since 2005. She spends her time coaching testers and developers, consulting customers and helping development teams to improve their quality. She loves working in agile processes, talking about testing and quality, and encouraging communication magic to happen. She no longer describes herself as non-technical, but she still sees her role as translating between different groups of people in IT.

You’ll usually find Alex talking about quality and how it affects the whole development process, or about her life goal to make testing more appreciated! She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences where she likes to share her project experiences and learn from other practitioners.

Anne-Marie Charrett is a software tester, trainer and coach with a reputation of excellence and a passion for quality and the craft of software testing. She sees software testing as a skilled activity that many might perform and develops courses to help teams expand their software testing ability. Anne-Marie believes software testing is one of many approaches to understanding quality. She advocates a whole team approach to quality that enables everyone to contribute in a meaningful way.

Anne-Marie developed software testing courses and lectured at the University of Technology, Sydney. She engages in community work through Test-Ed and runs the quality engineering meetup in Sydney. She blogs at Maverick Tester and offers tweets @charrett. Anne-Marie is available for work through Testing Times where she offers consulting, training and coaching services.

Clare Sudbery is a lead consultant developer with ThoughtWorks. She is a maths graduate with 18 years of software engineering experience who has a particular interest in teaching and mentoring, encouraging more women into IT, and banishing impostor syndrome. Seven years ago she returned to IT with a sigh of relief after a couple of years as a secondary school maths teacher. Since then she has embraced all things XP (especially TDD), and is on a mission to awaken the inner geek in clever women (and men) everywhere. Clare is a published novelist, and blogs at and She loves her job.

Eric Eggert is a Web Accessibility Specialist and works with Knowbility and the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative to make the Web a better, more inclusive, place.

As a web developer, he understands the needs of developers but also knows about the big picture: Management, design, user interface, and UX decisions that pave the way to accessible web sites and applications.

Dr. Francisco Gortázar is a Tenure Professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos with more than 12 years of experience in teaching distributed systems, concurrent programming and life-cycle management. He has published more than 20 papers on high impact journals and conferences. He has a strong connection with the industry, both providing consultancy about cloud technologies and improving testing activities. Currently he is coordinating the EU-funded H2020 project ElasTest, where he is researching novel ways of testing cloud infrastructures and applications, including 5G, IoT and real-time communication systems.

Dr. Jess Ingrassellino is a teacher, musician, author, and Director of Quality Engineering at a Fortune 500 company. She has spent the past several years learning python, and exploring the relationships between education, the arts, and technology. Jess received her doctorate in education in 2015 from Columbia University. In her spare time, Jess writes poetry, reads, and plays violin and viola in local orchestras.

I’ve been a test professional for the past 15 years and have always strived to help software teams be the best they can be.

I’ve seen first hand what does and doesn’t work in improving the quality of our products. From highly regulated financial services in the days of Waterfall to the emergence of agile in mobile phone development to the DevOps movement with mobile apps.

I now want to take these skills and experiences to help others support their own teams to be the best they can by improving quality through testability.

Lisa Crispin is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (2014), Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (2009), the LiveLessons Agile Testing Essentials video course, and “The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing” 3-day training course. Lisa was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person at Agile Testing Days in 2012. She is a testing advocate working at mabl to explore leading practices in testing in the software community.. Please visit and for more.

Melissa Eaden has worked with tech companies for over a decade and has worked in the field of testing for eight years. She is a Senior QA at ThoughtWorks in Dallas, Texas. She also enjoys being “EditorBoss” for Ministry of Testing, supporting their community mission for software testers globally. She can be found on Twitter and Slack @melthetester.

The important things are mindsets! They will change you!” is Lucian’s motto. He is currently working at R/GA where he has the opportunity to work with new technologies, brilliant design people and crafty developers, this blend resulting in award winning & innovative user experiences. His journey into testing started in 2005, and since then he took interest in many things related to testing & agile His testing experience covers a wide variety of software, ranging from networking & embedded to mobile apps, going through security and desktop applications. Exposure to varied types of software lead Lucian to believe that applied coaching methods, communication and technical excellency are key ingredients for successful teams and product.

His latest interest is in exploring the interaction between users, computer interfaces, and data driven methods (e.g. AI, ML). You can connect further on Twitter (@lucianadrian) or through his blog (

Maarten is passionate about helping teams with improving their Test Automation. However Test Automation is mostly on the tech side of the testing spectrum, it’s his believe that it is not only about coding a bunch of tests.

The human aspect is way more challenging, especially to make Test Automation a real team effort. He focuses on enhancing cross functional, as well as the cross team collaboration. Because only when you are really working together you get the most out of Test Automation.

Mark Winteringham is a tester, coach and international speaker, presenting workshops and talks on technical testing techniques. He’s worked on award-winning projects across a wide variety of technology sectors ranging from broadcast, digital, financial and public sector working with various Web, mobile and desktop technologies.

Mark is an expert in technical testing and test automation and a passionate advocate of risk-based automation and automation in testing practices which he regularly blogs about at and the co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic in London, a regular workshop for new and junior testers to receive free mentoring and lessons in software testing. He also has a keen interest in various technologies, developing new apps and Internet of thing devices regularly. You can get in touch with him on twitter: @2bittester

Markus is a coder by heart and an organizational hacker by passion. As a software crafter he uses his 20+ years of experience working as a software developer, consultant, coach, mentor, and founder to build cloud-based solutions for the Internet of Things using JavaScript at Nordic Semiconductor. His professional career has been greatly influenced by taking an active role in communities, whether as a participant, contributor, initiator, or speaker. He especially enjoys the diverse and deep discussion of the Software Craft Community. He lives in Trondheim, Norway and enjoys plowing through deep snow on snowshoes.

With almost twenty years of specialization in software testing and development, Martin’s attention has gradually shifted towards embracing uncertainty, and redefining testing as an ongoing transformative research activity. The greatest gains in quality can be found when we emphasize communication, team development, business alignment and organizational learning.

A self-confessed conference junkie, Martin travels the world incorporating ideas introduced by various sources of inspiration (including Cynefin, complexity theory, constraint theory, ontologies, the Satir Model, branding and marketing science, agile principles, marketing, and even progressive natural movement training… no, he is not kidding) to help teams iteratively learn, to embrace failures as opportunities and to simply enjoy working together.

I love building things on Linux, especially in clouds. I like reliable infrastructure as code, descriptive provisioning tools and statically typed programming languages. I see it as my destiny to help people achieve serenity using DevOps.

My purpose in life seems to be trying to outsmart computers. I’m really bad at it most of the time.

I love testing and development. I like experimenting with new testing strategies and strongly believe that testing should be done by machines, so try to automate as much as I can together with development team. Automation doesn’t end with testing and I’m constantly looking for areas to be automated. I see this as my purpose as a test automation engineer and leader.

Endless conversation — with friends, compilers — on art, Symmathesy, methods, absurdism, dialectic, paradigm jumps, serendipity.

I work at Badoo as Senior iOS QA engineer. Before moving from Minsk to London and joining Badoo in 2018, I got some experience on various outsourcing projects. They included mobile applications, complex web projects and some backend testing.

All started a few years ago when I decided to drastically change my field of occupation. Thus after calm land management I plunged into the raging sea of software testing.

Now, I try to actively participate in different testing-related events, meet new people and benefit from knowledge-sharing. I spoke at several international conferences and local meetups. Also I like to challenge myself at various software testing competitions (like and Testathon).