European Testing Conference 2020

Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam, Netherlands 6-7th February 2020

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In case you did not know, we don't make our speakers pay. We reimburse travel and share our profits with them. We believe that allows for a more diverse selection and our programme attests to that.


Testing is important. This conference is about getting experts and practitioners together to talk, learn and practice the art of testing. We’re looking into advanced new methods into making our testing more effective, as well as enrich our understanding of fundamental methods to grow a stronger community.

We’re tired of conferences that feel more like sales pitches than practitioners sharing the craft.

Come. Learn. Do. Teach. Test.

Keynote speakers

Ulrika Malmgren
Patricia Aas
Maaike Brinkhof
Mirjam Bäuerlein

Conference Format

Different people learn in different ways. Conferences are great places to try many styles of learning, great places to connect to other professionals. At the European Testing Conference we have many styles for our sessions.

In the beginning of the conference, we have session geared to connect audience with each other. Making the conference more welcoming and less scary place to be.

Near the end of the conference we create flexible spaces so you’ll get the last piece of the puzzle ensuring you can take home actionable and relevant insight.

4 keynotes
5 workshopsto choose 2 from
12 demo talksof real life examples
collaborative sessionsspeed meet, lean coffee, etc.


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Our Blog

We blog about testing, and the event here. Below is an excerpt of the latest blog, and a list of the additional latest entries.

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Practice testing

as testers and programmers see it

What others say about ETC

Lisi Hocke:

“I've never attended this conference before, but yet it felt like coming home. It had a kind of magic. The schedule was well balanced, the content awesome, the mixture of session types perfect, the speakers well taken care of. The people were amazingly inspiring and given the chance to have deep conversations with each other. I learned that European Testing Conference is all about the people. And these people are home.”

Source: European Testing Conference 2018 - Coming Home

“The great thing about European Testing Conference is that they design the conference so that plenty of these kind of informal learning opportunities and networking chances are available, the space for that is created by intention. You only have to seize the moment! ”

Source: European Testing Conference 2019 - Designed for Us

Amit Wertheimer:

“Each year I come to ETC with higher expectations, and each time they somehow manage to surpass them and look as if it is the natural order of things.”

Source: ETC 2018, it was simply awesome

“What amazes me is that while the sessions themselves are really good, what makes this conference so great is in the more difficult to tell about, small moments: speaking with new people and those I've met before, seeing everyone around me smiling (to themselves and to each other), and sharing an experience.”

Source: ETC 2018, did I say it was awesome?

Markus Tacker:

“The European Testing Conference was a fantastic experience for me, even being in the minority as a developer I felt very included and welcome. The atmosphere was always very friendly and never hostile or too opinionated.”

Source: European Testing Conference 2018

Katja Budnikov:

“The European Testing Conference 2018 took place in Amsterdam. For me it was the first time to attend this conference, but what can I say, it was an amazing experience. The organizers made the attendees feel as comfortable as possible and were nearby all the time. Everyone contributed to the experience as there were some sessions that enabled networking and lived from the participation of everyone, like the SpeedMeet or the Open Space. I think this it what is one of the most important parts of a conference – to get to know people, help each other and to share learnings and experience. So including networking into the schedule makes the EuroTestConf special.”

“All in all I enjoyed the conference really really much and want to thank the organizers for such an amazing event. I met a lot of people, had a lot of interesting talks and learned quite some things. I loved that you could just talk to anybody and that you had lots of opportunities to ask questions and to get ideas on how to solve some of your problems.”

Source: European Testing Conference 2018 #EuroTestConf

Jokin Aspiazu:

“When you go to conferences, usually you get plenty of talks, and maybe accidentally you could get to know other people, at coffee breaks or lunch breaks and so on, sometimes people say that those coffee breaks were the best part of the conferences. This one is organized the other way, you will get to know people because of a lot of chances are being planned for this to happen, and at some point you will also get to a talk.”

Source: European Testing Conference 2017

Rachel M. Carmena:

“European Testing Conference was a different testing event for me. Not only I met attendees with different roles, but also there were some talks more related to development or systems. And that’s great, because all of us are working to create software solutions that must be run on systems correctly.”

Source: A possible next step

João Proença:

"It’s definitely one of my must-go-to events in the testing community"

"If you’re interested in learning more about the testing world and connect with smart people, I definitely recommend you attend next year"

Source: European Testing Conference 2019: My Highlights

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