European Testing Conference 2018 proudly introduces our four keynote speakers:

Lanette Creamer is a hands-on tester, bringing deep testing perspectives into the teams she works with as a test pilot - someone flying between projects. Her deep insights are summarized into a great talk titled Test like a Cat where we have a chance of learning ways to approach our projects in smart ways.

Pamela Gay is an astronomer, who has her own wikipedia page. She runs a popular podcast and is amongst our keynotes as software (and quality considerations) are everywhere. She speaks with a title Testing v. Crowdsourced Data, or How I learned to stop worrying and Love the F-Bomb.

Gojko Adjic is known for radical perspectives into how the world of software is changing, and seems a bit of a role chameleon. Being an absolutely inspiring person, he will share on a title Visual Testing with a talk of work he is doing right now. Paraphrasing him, it could be a success or failure, but the talk surely is something worth hearing and learning from.

Zeger van Hese is a consultant and insightful speaker. Zeger represents skills one needs to be excellent at testing, regardless of one’s role. His talk titled The Power of Doubt - Becoming a Software Sceptic is brilliant.

Join us for enjoying their messages and many others in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in February 2018! We’re delighted to welcome our keynote speakers and look forward to enjoying learning with them in the conference.