At European Testing Conference, we want to collaborate with our community, the potential speakers and attendees, to find the best topics and best presenters for those topics. We’re tired of conferences that feel more like sales pitches than practitioners sharing the craft. We ask your help in finding the right speakers to change this.

Have a topic you want to speak on? Know a great speaker you’d like to see present? We are now calling for that information. We want to know about you and your topic. And we’d like to know about others you’d like to see present. We will then get in touch the presenters to work them on the fit of their talk to our vision of the best testing conference in the world.

We have two kinds of session slots available: 30 minute talks and 1,5 hour hands-on workshops.

We seek for the right speakers. Here’s what we think we know of them:

  • They bring forth the versatile topics in software testing as developers know it and as testers know it.
  • They want to learn about testing, and share what they know in spirit of dialogue.
  • They have practical contents and real experiences to share.
  • They have experience in speaking or some insightful new perspective to share
  • They are worth being paid to speak.

    Our speakers get a free admission to the 2-day conference. We pay for their travel and hotel. And we are building a model of paying leveled honorariums to financially compensate for their time, tied to the financial success of the conference. We can offer our speakers a great space to share for a relevant crowd. Join us!

    Respond to our call for co-creation by Sunday November 8th midnight, yet as soon as possible to allow us to start discussions with you. Don’t worry about having a fully developed idea, let’s talk about it.

    Submit here.