The final detail of the program is announced: The Speak Easy Speaker for 2016 conference is Abby Bangser. Speak Easy is a program to increase diversity in testing conferences by enabling new voices by coaching new speakers in speaking. Abby has been coached by the amazing Christin Wiedemann from Canada, the program chair for Conference for Association for Software Testing. Abby herself is an amazing lady that works with ThoughtWorks and is deep into the agile ideas and experiences. She’s lived in USA, but recently relocated to UK. We’re delighted and proud to have her, and her contribution for the program is great to have. Check out the program for Thursday for details of her talk.

We also started a blog for longer texts related to the conference. We invite you to join us for articles at blogspot.

There’s still time to join the action, we’re selling tickets up until 4 days into the conference to enable the great content for as many of you as possible.

We hope to see in in Bucharest Feb 11-12th. Get your ticket now.