Code of Conduct

TL;DR Don’t be a jerk.

We’re bringing together a diverse group from different experiences and background to learn about testing. Let’s be good to one another and keep in mind this is a professional conference on software testing. We don’t accept bad behaviors. We believe in being able to be kind to one another even when we don’t agree. Safety is a prerequisite for learning and our conference is a place for learning through networking.

We feel we shouldn’t have to tell anyone harassment of any sort is unacceptable. We tell you anyway: unacceptable. That’s the type of thing where we would remove people from the conference.

We feel it is good for us to remind everyone that coming from different experiences, everyone’s perspectives are welcome. Please don’t tell programmers how they don’t test or testers how they are not needed if they aren’t programmers. Think of things that are offensive to others and avoid them, discuss them in a good spirit as differences of perceptions coming from our different experiences. We provide a space to seek understanding by dialogue. We seek people listening each other, rather than arguing.

If there is any reason to seek support or resolution, the organizers are here to help.


Maaret Pyhäjärvi <> +358-40-8233777 (she/her)

Aki Salmi <> +358-50-3415620 (he/him)

Info desk: Mirja Pyhäjärvi +358-44-5154918

Even longer version, look at code of conduct conferences generally use, it applies with us too.